What is Socialization

What is Socialization

What is Socialization 2560 1707 Tracy Altmaier

In a perfect world, our beloved companion dogs would be able to accompany us just about anywhere without having the slightest display of anxiety, aggression, overly excited-ness, or any other type of “naughty dog” act. As dog owners, we all know how impossible that can sound, Not all hope is lost though! A well-socialized dog can keep his cool and keep you company or excel on his own in many situations. The question is are you doing the right things to socialize your dog, and are you aware of how important socialization is? Socializing your dog essentially means getting your dog used to life outside the house. When you socialize a dog you are introducing it to the sights and sounds off your world and helping them to see it as normal. There are simple ways to do this and the benefits are many for both you and your pup.

What is Socialization?

Socializing your dog is offering them the opportunity to explore the world on a regular basis so that they become accustomed to the sights, smells, and sounds around us. The more positive experiences and encounters we provide them with are other animals, people, or environmental elements, the more we as owners can predict their responses and therefore teach them the safest, most appropriate ways to behave.

When you have an under-socialized dog, you have a dog who has to be put away when guests visit, who act shy and co-dependent in new situations, who are difficult to walk, can’t be trusted around children or strangers, show fear, anxiety, aggression and/ or a lack of confidence. Dogs who are under-socialized are more likely to be disruptive, create problems in the home, and to be given away or dropped off at the shelter.

Most, if not all, behavioral issues can be avoided with proper and regular socialization. Socializing is easy to put into practice and can be a fun activity for your entire family. And, like learning a new subject should always be fun and positive!

A well-socialized dog is a calm, confident and happy one.

Dog walking is becoming highly in demand in most countries in the world because a lot of pet owners are busy with work and other social activities. No wonder why there are also a lot of people putting up dog walking services because of its rising demand. By hiring professional dog walkers or pet care specialists, you can be assured that your dog will be given the proper care all throughout the time you’re off to work or play.


Pet sitter. The two words that bring joy to the hearts of dogs and dog trainers across the country. A relationship with a pet sitter is one of the most important relationships a dog owner will ever have.

What is a pet sitter?

Pet sitters are professional animal care providers who take care of your pets when you’re not home. I’m not referring to the neighbor who occasionally lets your dog out or the teenager with a part-time dog walking service. I’m talking about professional pet sitters, whose full-time business is taking care of their customers’ pets.

Why should I hire a pet sitter?

From a behavioral standpoint, there are several benefits to hiring a pet sitter. If you’re leaving town for vacation, boarding facilities are fine, but pets tend to be less stressed at home in their own environment. When you ask family, neighbors, or your own kids to watch your dogs, there are some risks. While these folks are always willing to help, they are typically don’t have the training, education, or experience required to handle an emergency or deal with dramatic pet behavior. A dog’s behavior does change when their “parents” are not present. Pet sitters are experienced dog handlers. They expect the unexpected and know exactly how to handle it. They know how to mitigate behaviors and situations. Hiring a professional will substantially decrease your worry while you are away.

We guarantee happy tails of all kinds.

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