John & Linda Rodney

John & Linda Rodney 150 150 Tracy Altmaier

“My wife and I both travel a lot for business and regularly have Tracy look after our 3 cats. We have used Happy Tails exclusively for 4 years. We are as comfortable having Tracy take care of our pets and come into home as we would be with a family member.”


Laurie 150 150 Tracy Altmaier

“Tracy, Jo, and Luce are an exceptional pet sitting and dog walking team! They take excellent care of Zeus, whether it’s for overnights or for playtime and exercise, and we have complete peace of mind knowing he is always in good hands. Zeus loves them as much as we do too! He is over the moon excited when they pick him up and happily exhausted when he comes home. Thank you, Happy Tails, for treating Zeus like your own!”


Dawn 150 150 Tracy Altmaier

“Tracy is one of my dog’s favorite people and mine too! She is always cheerful, prompt, and very reliable. I have been using Happy Tails for the last four years and have especially appreciated Tracy’s flexibility in scheduling. My dog and I highly recommend her!”

Kait Schappert

Kait Schappert 150 150 Tracy Altmaier

“Tracy is truly lovely. She is flexible and accommodating with my last minute schedule requests and is always happy and willing to help. She is always on time and my dog Bear is always excited to see her. She offers a great service for a wonderful value. I am so lucky I found her…Bear and I would be lost without her!”

Lisa Speaker for Tulip, Tucker and Maddie

Lisa Speaker for Tulip, Tucker and Maddie 150 150 Tracy Altmaier

“Happy Tails has been walking our dogs and housesitting for us for several years now. They treat our dogs like they are their own, giving them tons of love, attention, playtime and walks. They always send photos of the dogs’ antics which I love! We put a lot of trust into Tracy and Jen with our furry family members and they have always gone above and beyond.”

Marie Torreano

Marie Torreano 150 150 Tracy Altmaier

“I have used Happy Tails for the last 4-5 years and couldn’t be happier. Both Tracy and Jen went out of their way to accommodate my schedule and treated Daisy like a queen. She would get so excited to see them! I had total trust that she was in the best hands possible as I would be gone maybe 3-4 days a week so I knew she’d always have her midday walk. Unfortunately, my Daisy crossed over a couple months ago; but as soon as I get another dog, I know that Tracy and Jen will be there for me which is a comforting thought. I would highly recommend Happy Tails to anyone with a dog – they are the Best!”

Missouri Heights family

Missouri Heights family 150 150 Tracy Altmaier

“When we first started with Tracy, I hadn’t met her. She started taking care of the dogs while I was away at work, based on a phone conversation. A year or more later, my Mom asked: Have you met Tracy? Actually, I hadn’t … not until later. Too me that is the best testimonial ever. I trusted her from the very beginning … and nothing as changed that! Our dogs are happy and so are we!”

Casey Tizio-Goldstein

Casey Tizio-Goldstein 150 150 Tracy Altmaier

“A little over a year ago I got very lucky and met a woman named Tracy! She was walking 3 dogs at the time. It was clear that she knew the dogs very well by the way she handled them. This is a very big deal! Not many people understand dogs like Tracy does! As soon as I heard she was a dog walker I asked for her information and have had the pleasure of leaving the love of my life in her hands 6 days a week for over a year now. I never worry for his safety or that he won’t be taken care of. He gets tons of exercise or cuddles depending on his mood because Tracy understands him! I have left the country and went on vacations several times and have entrusted Tracy with the care of my little guy. I am at ease on my trips knowing that My dog is in a loving environment and getting proper exercise. Tracy herself is just an amazing human and a pleasure to talk to. She really cares for all the animals she walks or watches. She is the best dog walker I have ever had and I’m so glad I just happened to meet her that day over a year ago.”


DEC 150 150 Tracy Altmaier

“For kindness and reliability, Tracy is the best! She loves our dogs like we do … and treats them like they were her own. Because our dogs are so happy, we know we can trust Tracy completely. She is very good at communicating with us … we share a note pad at home. She also sends us pictures showing us what she and the dogs are doing. Reliable, kind, loving and playful … all the qualities Tracy shares with our dogs every day! She’s the best!”

Penney Carruth

Penney Carruth 150 150 Tracy Altmaier

“If our dogs could talk, they would give rave reviews for Tracy! She has cared for our family of dogs for almost 20 years! She has celebrated our new puppies and grieved our loss with older dogs. She is caring and energetic with our pups. They love her and so do we!”

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