Professional Pet Sitter verses Friends/Neighbors

Professional Pet Sitter verses Friends/Neighbors

Professional Pet Sitter verses Friends/Neighbors 640 480 Tracy Altmaier

When you need someone to care for your dog or pet, whether that’s a check-in during the workday or caring for them while you’re away on vacation, many people look first to their friends and neighbors. After all, it seems easy and convenient. They live close by, you know them, and they may offer to watch your pets for free or cheap. They may already even have a key to your home!

However, there are too many bad stories of what can happen when a friend or neighbor is left in charge of a beloved pet. Here’s five reasons you should consider hiring a professional instead:

1. They’ll have a backup plan

One of the biggest problems with asking a friend or neighbor to watch your pets is that they don’t usually have a backup plan if something comes up. Say they get stuck late at work or their car breaks down. They might not have a plan to ensure your pets get the attention they need. They might even forget about them! A professional will always have backup pet sitters and dog walkers to call if needed. No matter what happens, a professional will make sure your pets are taken care of.

2. They know a lot about pets

Professional pet sitters love animals and know a lot about all different kinds of pets. They know pet CPR and first-aid, behavioral training and techniques, what foods and plants your pets need to avoid, and more. They won’t just come over, let your furball out, refill the food bowl and leave. They take the time to exercise, play, and pay attention to your pets. They’re able keep your pets safe and identify warning signs of any serious health issues. When you hire a professional, you know that your pets will get the very best care.

3. They’ll form a bond with your pet

People that rely on friends and neighbors to watch their pets often switch who they ask so they don’t overburden anyone. However, this means your pets may never bond with the rotating list of caretakers. With a professional, your pets can bond with their sitter. They’ll be more comfortable, less stressed, and exhibit fewer behavioral issues during visits.

4. You’re the boss

When a friend or neighbor is doing you a favor and watching your pets for you, you may feel limited with your requests and feedback. For example, they may routinely overfill the food bowls or let your furball get away with bad behaviors. When you hire a professional, you’re the boss. Whatever you want them to do during a visit, they’ll do. They can work on specific commands or give a certain number of treats each day. They can address any specific concerns you have or change something if you’re unhappy.

5. They are professionals

Pet sitters are professionals. That means they are experts at what they do, and they take their job seriously. Your pets are their number one priority, and everything they do will reflect that. You can rest assured that your pets are being taken good care of when you hire a professional.

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