5 Tips for Naturally Reducing Stress in Dogs

5 Tips for Naturally Reducing Stress in Dogs

5 Tips for Naturally Reducing Stress in Dogs 2560 1920 Tracy Altmaier

Dogs get stressed, just like humans. Being away from their parents, being in a new environment, moving, weather, strangers in their home – a dog’s life is filled with unknown events that are beyond their control. So, whether at home or in a foreign place, these tips will help reduce stress for dogs.

1. Exercise The best way to reduce stress for dogs is consistent exercise. Exercises like walking, swimming, or trips to the park are great ways to expose pups to different environments. Regular exercise will help your dog live a longer and healthier life, too.

2. Toys Toys have two purposes – mental stimulation and comfort. Mental stimulation is just as important as exercise, so toys such as Kongs are particularly beneficial. Plus, a toy can easily travel with your dog to provide comfort on-the-go.

3. Noise or Music If your dog gets anxious when you’re away from home, leave a radio on. Simple sounds like classical music or chatter from a TV can provide companionship. Spotify even has playlists made specifically for soothing anxious pups.

4. Create a safe space Crates are ideal, but if you don’t use a crate, a bed or other “safe space” for your pup can help him or her feel calm when weather, noises, or strangers get to be too much. Include items with your scent, such as a t-shirt, and your dog’s favorite toys. If you use a bed or crate, it can travel with you, too, to help with stress in new environments.

5. Keep a calm attitude Dogs pick up on our moods, so keeping calm can help keep our pups calm. Whether it’s during a storm or leaving the house before work, keep calm

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